Frequently Asked Questions

Unique energy deal for 115 Roebuck Road. Each tenant pays £10 per week on top of the advertised rent to cover all bills. We take meter readings at the end of your tenancy and any excess you have paid above the amounts that we have been billed by the energy companies is returned to you. The economies of scale mean that there have always been substantial refunds as follows:
2016 £122 per tenant
2015 £121.54
2014 £158.55
2013 £218.45
2012 £186.00
2011 £117.90

Because we don’t need to borrow your money for several months! When you sign a contract it is legal and binding regardless of whether money has changed hands.

Because we consider administration to be part of our job! Therefore we absorb these costs whilst still keeping our rents very competitive.

Because we are not agents ... we are owners.

All our student properties have, free of charge, the most powerful broadband connection available, the majority being fibre optic.
You can connect in every room by Ethernet port or Wi-Fi so if the Wi-Fi fails you have “hard wired” cover.
The systems are maintained by our highly experienced technician who is very familiar with them because he installed them! He is always available to talk through a problem, offer advice or visit to repair.

It means that you have nothing to pay except your rent. We cover gas, electricity, water and TV licence. Superfast broadband is included free on all our student properties.