Top Tips for Shared Living

We know it can be difficult living in large student houses, whether it’s a group of your friends or completely new people. So here are some of our top tips to help you survive the year.

Cleaning schedule

To make things easier for the whole group you need to sit down together and make a cleaning schedule. Organising this together will help you to keep on top of cleaning without any one person doing all the work. It is important to stick to the schedule or communicate about any issues so there isn’t any friction in the group. The biggest disagreements can start from a single pot not being washed. And who wants that?

Dividing storage space

Everyone needs equal space so you’ll need to divide up whatever there is. The important part is taking into consideration everyone’s needs and compromising so that everyone gets a fair share. If you need extra space at any point, then ensure you ask before using someone else’s area.


Sharing common expenses such as toilet roll and washing up liquid can help in many ways. It may cause storage issues if everyone is buying the same things. You could have a weekly collection or a simple rotation of who buys things. You all need to work as a team because leaving one person to buy things over and over can lead to disagreements. There is nothing worse than buying items for the group and nobody pays you back either.


Adding nice decor to the communal areas can make it feel more homely. Doing this together as a group can help you to grow closer as you will learn each other’s likes and dislikes. You can all plan to put up decorations for the holidays and do activities together, this will help to lift the mood for everyone. Remember to be understanding of different people’s cultures and celebrations.

Respect privacy

It is important to discuss privacy and set boundaries with each person in the house. They will all have different boundaries and what works for one person may not work for another. It is also a good idea to let the house know when you will have visitors so they can plan accordingly. Always be considerate by knocking when doors are closed and wearing earphones to listen to music.


Having a house group chat is perfect to communicate things to everyone. Here you can discuss issues or plans or anything important. You can keep on top of things while also making stronger friendships. It is important to ensure the whole house feels included within the group.

We hope these tips help to make shared living that little bit easier. Don’t forget to check out our remaining student houses for 24/25 which we are now letting by the room.

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